You must have the knowledge when it comes to choosing a bird cage as it will be one of the significant decisions you will ever make for your pet bird. You do not want to make a mistake that will only put your bird in danger and can really be the reason for a bad behavior of your bird or even injuries and potential death of your pet bird. The cage has a significant role to your bird. The cage is where your bird is going to eats, sleeps, plays; so, it is important that your bird feel secure and safe while in it. There are few things to consider before buying a bird cage. The type and size of bird that will be housed inside the cage are just some of the major things you need to consider. Some birds need to climb up all the time while other need an escape-proof latch because they always seem to know how to open the cage. There are several options you can choose in terms of bird cages. From choosing what type of metal the cage should be made of to bar spacing to whether you should purchase a hanging or free-standing one.

Inspect the Materials.

What your bird cage is made of is a vital aspect to consider. Stainless steel, powder-coated steel, or powder-coated iron is a good option if the material used is metal. The stainless steel looks great and can be wipe clean easily. The powder coating should be made from a non-toxic paint, and no zinc and lead used, learn more from this website.

Accurate Cage Size and Bar Spacing

A conure cage, for instance, the distance of the bar spacing should be between ½” to ¾”. It is advisable to consult with your bird breeder or an online bird cage site for some advice regarding what bar spacing is right for your specific bird. If the bar is too small for your bird, they can have difficulty of climbing up and down the cage; a common behavior that most birds enjoy doing when they are inside a cage. Keep in mind that the cage’s width and height must be twice the expanse of the wings of your bird when extended, to get more info read through the article.

Choosing Between Hanging or Free-Standing Bird Cage

For conure cages, parrot cages and other types of cages should not be hanged because the swinging motion can distract the sleeping and eating routine of your bird. For some types of birds, hanging cage can make your bird malnourished and extremely tired all the time. The best option is to purchase a cage that stands out on the ground and does not sway. For more info, click here: